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ABOUT  Suvada

I'm Suvada. Or, Savannah, Suvodka, Sue... Collecting mispronunciations is a hobby at this point. It sounds just like it looks, "sue-vah-dah", but don't fear, I respond to Suvodka just the same. 

Coffee, Chocolate, Lipstick, Heels, Mimosas, Books <3

Photography, Travel, Friends & Family, Love- the things that make my heart full. 

"Creativity is how I share my soul with the world." -Brenne Brown

My Why

I love photography. That's obvious. 

What's less obvious is that I love people, the human connection, and the endless amount of beauty that exists in the world. 

In a world that often shows us the ugly, I get to celebrate what's beautiful in each photo I create with the wonderful people I work with!

Let's Be Friends

I mean it. Each of my clients has come a stranger and stayed a friend. 

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